Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 9 Language Arts

TCU 9863 Social Studies Set (6 books) $101.94 Captivating articles with questions in test prep format Nonfiction Reading Comprehension High-interest, nonfiction articles help students learn about science and social studies topics while developing skills in reading comprehension. Each story is followed by questions that cover main idea, detail, vocabulary, and critical reasoning. The format is similar to that of standardized tests, so as students progress through the book's units, they are preparing for success in testing. 144 pages. $16.99 each Social Studies TCU 8027 Grades 1-2 TCU 8023 Grades 2-3 TCU 8024 Grade 3 TCU 8025 Grade 4 TCU 8030 Grade 5 TCU 8038 Grade 6 Science TCU 8026 Grades 1-2 TCU 8020 Grades 2-3 TCU 8021 Grade 3 TCU 8022 Grade 4 TCU 8028 Grade 5 TCU 8037 Grade 6 TCU 9862 Science Set (6 books) $101.94 TCU 9567 Instant Reading Comprehension Practice Set (5 books) $79.95 $ 15 99 EACH 99 E EACH ACH Instant Reading Comprehension Practice Develop students' comprehension skills with meaningful reading and writing exercises designed to challenge and guide students toward the mastery of targeted strategies. Each book includes eight Comprehension Activities sub-sections, each focusing on a specific comprehension skill: n Finding main ideas n Noting details n Using context clues n Identifying facts and opinions n Finding cause and effect n Sequencing n Making inferences n Predicting outcomes The Strategies in Writing section provides students with the opportunity to identify and practice the same comprehension skills but in an open-ended, short-answer format. 144 pages. $15.99 each TCU 3636 Grade 2 TCU 3656 Grade 3 TCU 3657 Grade 4 TCU 3834 Grade 5 TCU 3835 Grade 6 Teacher Created Resources 121 #3636 Instant Reading Comprehension Practice USING CONTEXT CLUES: Strategies in Writing Name Date Look at the pictures. You are not told when the pictures were taken, but most likely, you can tell. Write down two sentences about each picture. Tell during what season you think the picture was taken, and how you know. Write a fifth sentence in which you explain which of the two seasons you like better and why. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Changing Seasons Teacher Created Resources s ur ed R r Cr 121 12 during wh and how you know. Write a fifth sentence in which you explain which of two seasons you like better and why. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Teacher Created Resources 33 #3636 Instant Reading Comprehension Practice NOTING DETAILS: Comprehension Activities Name Date A Surprising Discovery Jasmine was swimming. She wore a mask on her face so she could look at fish under the water. Jasmine saw something. It was an eye! It was the size of a half-dollar. It was staring up at her! Jasmine had found a giant oarfish. Giant oarfish are very rare. Few people have seen one. Jasmine's oarfish was 18 feet long! Being Crafty Deven and Ben went to the craft store last week. They needed to buy different colors of string for their school project. The store clerk helped them find the string they needed. The boys bought red, yellow, and blue string. What is true about the oarfish? A. Its face was 18 feet long. B. It was found on the shore. C. Its eye was the size of a half-dollar. When did the boys go to the craft store? A. yesterday B. last week C. last month Pages from TCU 3636 Gr. 2 Literacy Power Enhance existing reading and language arts curriculum with lessons designed to strengthen reading, writing, and language skills. The Literacy Power series includes a variety of text types as well as an assortment of diverse and engaging comprehension and language activities inspired by the texts. The activities promote higher-level thinking and can be used to teach specific skills, reinforce information previously taught, or simply provide additional practice. 80 pages. $12.99 each TCU 8370 Grade 1 TCU 8371 Grade 2 TCU 8377 Grade 3 TCU 8378 Grade 4 TCU 8379 Grade 5 TCU 8380 Grade 6 TCU 8381 Grades 7-8 TCU 9526 Literacy Power Set (7 books) $90.93 9 Grades 1-8 Language Arts

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