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Source 1

Juan was panicked. This is going to cost me an arm and a leg! The airline charges for each suitcase you bring on an joufsobujpobm!jhiu/!!Ifmq" Amy looked at what Juan had packed. Txfbufst-!tdbswft-!b!tlj!kbdlfu@!!Fbsnvggt@!! Where are you going, Antarctica? Wfsz!gvooz/!!Mjtufo-!J!kvtu!tqplf!xjui!Nbsjb/! She said the temperatures in Alicante have been nearly 35, and she expects it to cool off soon . How much more can it cool off? It's already almost freezing!" Wow, Spain gets that cold in August? My Spanish isn't so hot, but I think Maria said the temperatures have been extreme lately. This is terrible timing. I was looking forward to relaxing on the beach and swimming in the sea. Good luck with that!" said Amy.

Source 2

Formula to convert Celsius (C)

Source 3

Mr. Shirk pointed at the large thermometer qspkfdufe!poup!uif!dmbttt!xijufcpbse/!! Ifsf!xf!ibwf!uif!uxp!nbkps!tdbmft!cz which we measure temperature. You might notice that the numbers on the left side have an F above them. That's because they show the Fahrenheit scale. That's the one we use here in the United States. On this scale, water boils at 212 and freezes at 32. This scale is also used in a handful of small countries, such as Belize, Bermuda, and Jamaica. Now the rest of the world, along with the entire tdjfoujd!dpnnvojuz-!sfdphoj{ft!b!ejggfsfou scale. They use Celsius (C). On this scale, water boils at 100 and freezes at 0. Now isn't that easier to remember?"

Source 4

Average daily temperatures for er months in Alicante, Spain in Celsius and Fahrenheit) June July August ge (F) 27.2 (81) 30.1 (86.2) 30.6 (87.1)

The Unneeded Earmuffs

Read each source below. Then complete the activities on pages 57-58.


Mastering Complex Text

Using Multiple Reading Sources

Equip students with the skills they need to synthesize information from a variety of different text types. Each unit provides multiple text sources. Students are prompted to explore the reading materials and complete the accompanying activities. The activities are designed to teach students to:


Draw information from multiple sources


Use higher-order thinking skills to answer questions


Locate information that fits a specific criteria


Integrate information from several texts in order to write knowledgeably about a subject Correlated to the Common Core State Standards. 112 pages. $14.99 each TCZ 8060 Grade 2 TCZ 8061 Grade 3 TCZ 8062 Grade 4 TCZ 8063 Grade 5 TCZ 8070 Grade 6

Comprehending Text

Using Literal, Inferential & Applied Questioning

Use a variety of different text from multiple genres to support close reading and comprehension in the classroom. Each passage is followed by literal, inferential, and applied questions to determine the reader's comprehension of the material. The activities are designed to teach students to examine meaning thoroughly and analytically. Correlated to the Common Core State Standards. 112 pages. $14.99 each TCZ 8236 Grade 1 TCZ 8239 Grade 2 TCZ 8240 Grade 3 TCZ 8247 Grade 4 TCZ 8248 Grade 5 TCZ 8249 Grade 6 TCZ 8250 Grades 78

The Unneeded Earmuffs


Name: _________________________________________________ _


Part 1:

Read each idea


. Which source gives you this information? Fill in the correct bubble for each source. (Note: More than one bubble may be filled in for each idea.) Information Sources 1 2 3 4


C" is the abbreviation for "Celsius.


Water boils at 212F.


Alicante is in Spain.


Scientists use the Celsius scale.

Part 2:

Fill in the bubble next to the best answer to each ques




What exactly does Juan mean when he says his "Spanish isn't so hot"?


Spanish is not a warm language.


He does not speak Spanish well.


He does not understand Spanish well.


He sounds cold when he speaks Spanish.


Which of these is the warmest temperature?










Which of the following is an accurate way to express the formula for converting Celsius temperatures to the Fahrenheit scale?


(C 9) + 5 32 = F


(C 9) 5 + 32 = F


Which of these is not informat


Juan and Amy are brother


Juan ha k d


#8248 Comprehending Text 40 Teacher Created Resources


Name CHAPTER 4 The children collected the old boat from their grandfather's old shed, as they did at the beginning of every summer vacation. But this time they weren't rowing across the lake to Bowey Island to catch fish, or set up a tent, or go swimming. This expedition had a purpose. They wanted to see if the map Ryan had found slipped inside a book in their grandparents' bookshelf was authentic. Put your life jacket on, Maddy," Ryan ordered. "Sam, push us off!" The children set off from the wooden jetty on their grandparent's property. Maddy sat in the bow, looking tiny in her bright yellow life jacket. Because she wasn't used to doing her own hair, her pigtails were lopsided, making her look as though she might tip over at any minute. After a silent trip (apart from the occasional grunt from Ryan struggling with the oars), the children arrived at the island. OK! The map says we have to find the tree with the largest trunk and stand facing the Bowey Estate," called Ryan. Ryan walked quickly between the trees and bushes, dodging the sharp branches and prickly leaves. Maddy tried to follow her brother, but a branch caught hold of one of her pigtails, causing her to yelp. Sam caught up with his sister, and while he was untangling her from the tree's grasp, he realized that this was the tree they had been searching for. Ryan joined the pair and stood where he could see their grandparents' house through the bushes and trees. We need to walk ten paces and turn east. Hmmm . . . I wonder if that's east for real or east from the direction we are facing?" Ryan speculated. He decided to turn east from the house and step out the paces. Maddy and Sam followed him. OK! Now we must walk 13 paces and turn south and then another 11 paces. If we have followed the map correctly, then that is where we should dig." Maddy held up her miniature garden shovel that she had taken from the shed. The children stepped out the number of paces and arrived at an area not far from the water's edge. Sam pointed out the duck prints in the mud. Ryan and Sam began digging with their hands- scooping out the dirt into small piles. Maddy, crouched down by the site, clapped excitedly. I've found something!" Sam exclaimed. "It feels like a tin." The boys retrieved an old tin box from the ground and opened it. Inside was a menagerie of little treasures-small cars, toy soldiers, some type of sports cards, and old coins. It wasnt long before they realized that these were their father's things that he must have buried when he was a boy. Wait until we show these to Dad! I bet he has forgotten all about them!" said Sam, smiling.

Read the chapter from an adventure novel and answer the questions on the following pages.

Unit 7

ding Te

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#8248 Comprehending Text 42 Teacher Created Resources



Use what you know about the text and your own experience.


Name 1. Complete the table about the adventure story Bowey Island. Story Genre Title Characters Setting Events and Actions 2. Draw what the map looked like based on the descriptions from the text.

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Close Reading with Text-Dependent Questions

Provide students with the skills they need to thoughtfully and critically analyze text. The resource includes 22 short, complex, high-interest reading passages that students are guided to read, summarize, reread, annotate, and discuss. Text-dependent questions prompt students to examine the passage's meaning, purpose, vocabulary, and structure and to use textual evidence to support their conclusions. The final two units include peer-led tasks in which group members are assigned roles and work together to analyze the texts. 96 pages. $13.99 each TCZ 2691 Grade 2 TCZ 2692 Grade 3 TCZ 2737 Grade 4 TCZ 2738 Grade 5 TCZ 2739 Grade 6 TCZ 6476 Close Reading with Text-Dependent Questions Set (5 books) $69.95


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