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Rigorous Reading: An In-Depth Guide for Any Novel

Transform the reading of a great novel into a journey of discovery. This customizable resource offers incredible flexibility as you share and explore great literature with your students. The guide is organized by literary elements and includes teacher instructions that provide activity overviews. Student activities feature text-dependent questions that encourage close analysis and call for evidence to support claims. This resource also includes suggestions for creating and maintaining Interactive Novel Logs to provide students with a place to connect with the literature in ways of their choosing. Pre- and Post-Reading activities are included as well as suggestions for pairing texts to expand the understanding of themes and topics. 144 pages. $15.99 each TCZ 2972 Rigorous Reading: An In-Depth Guide for Any Novel (Grades 3-5) TCZ 2973 Rigorous Reading: An In-Depth Guide for Any Novel (Grades 6 & Up) *Based on a book that has won the Newbery Medal

Rigorous Reading: In-Depth Guides for Great Literature

Maximize your students' reading experience by providing activities that foster comprehension and reinforce understanding of literary elements. Well-crafted activities for each section allow students to process portions of the novel through individual and collaborative exercises that model and encourage close reading. Suggestions for maintaining Interactive Novel Logs provide students with additional ways to reflect and connect personally with the novel. Students have the opportunity to synthesize their ideas through a variety of post-reading activities that can also serve as assessment tools. 80 pages. $12.99 each TCZ 8258 Charlotte's Web (Grades 3-5) TCZ 8200 Because of Winn-Dixie (Grades 3-6) TCZ 2976 The One and Only Ivan* (Grades 3-6) TCZ 2977 Bud, Not Buddy* (Grades 4-6) TCZ 2975 Island of the Blue Dolphins* (Grades 4-6) TCZ 8199 Number the Stars * (Grades 4-6) TCZ 8099 The Watsons Go to Birmingham (Grades 4-6) NEW TCZ 8039 Wonder (Grades 4-6) TCZ 8089 The Crossover* (Grades 5-8) NEW TCZ 8029 Esperanza Rising (Grades 5-8) NEW TCZ 8290 The Giver * (Grades 5-8) TCZ 8259 Hatchet (Grades 5-8) TCZ 8260 Holes * (Grades 5-8) TCZ 2974 To Kill a Mockingbird (Grades 6-8) TCZ 6800 Rigorous Reading Set (14 titles) $181.86

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