Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 67 Name Tags/Wristbands

TCU 5539 Red Polka Dots 2 TCU 5585 Blue Polka Dots TCU 5623 Chalkboard Brights TCU 2143 Dotty Apples NEW Name Tags/Labels n 3" x 2" n 36 per pack n $4.99 per pack These name tags/labels are bigger than ever! The larger writing space comes in handy when using them for name tags, gift tags, or labels for student portfolios and cubbies. TCU 5174 Lime Polka Dots 2 TCU 5526 Chevron Multi-Pack h TCU 5587 Superhero Multi-Pack TCU5587 S h TCU 2684 Tropical Punch Multi-Pack NEW U2684 Tropical Punch TCU 5433 Marquee Multi-Pack NEW TCU5433 Marquee TCU 2689 Scribble Multi-Pack NEW TCU2689 S ibbl TCU 5709 Carnival Multi-Pack TCU5709 C i l TCU 77195 Shabby Chic Wristbands are 7" circumference Premium Wristbands n 10 per pack n $5.99 per pack TCU 6566 Fancy I Love to Read (2 each of 5 designs) TCU 6571 Fancy Happy Birthday (2 each of 5 designs) Regular Wristbands n 2 each of 5 designs/colors n 10 per pack n $4.99 per pack A TCU 6526 St. Patrick's Day NEW B TCU 6574 Happy Birthday 2 C TCU 6573 I Was Caught Being Good D TCU 6570 Black with White Paw Prints E TCU 6564 Happy Valentine's Day F TCU 6576 I Voted! G TCU 6548 Star Student H TCU 6552 Paw Prints Happy Birthday Wristbands Jar Assortment of 36 wristbands. TCU 6577 $19.99 F G H A B C D E Slap Bracelets n Each is 9 " x 1" n 10 per pack n $4.99 per pack Slap bracelets fit most wrist sizes and are a fun way to reward good behavior or build awareness for special events. A TCU 20666 Happy Birthday Balloons (2 each of 5 colors) B TCU 20664 Superhero Super Student (5 each of 2 colors) C TCU 20665 Polka Dots Happy Birthday (2 each of 5 colors) A B C 67 Name Tags / Labels / Wristbands

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