Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 65 Stickers/Incentive Charts/Awards

Incentive Charts n 36 sheets per pack n 5" x 6" n 5 or 7 columns n $3.99 per pack Fill chart with stickers to motivate students. Record their progress in homework, attendance, good behavior, etc. Mini Stickers n 528 or 378 stickers/pack n shown actual size n $2.19 per pack TCU 5360 Surfboards Incentive Charts TCU 5911 Flip Flops Mini Stickers (378/pack) NEW TCU 3072 Colorful Scribble Incentive Charts NEW TCU 3073 Scribble Stars Mini Stickers (378/pack) NEW TCU 5436 Marquee Incentive Charts NEW TCU 5441 Marquee Stars Mini Stickers (378/pack) NEW TCU 5646 Superhero Incentive Charts TCU 5642 Superhero Mini Stickers (378/pack) TCU 5625 Chalkboard Brights Incentive Charts TCU 5626 Chalkboard Brights Mini Stickers (378/pack) TCU 5645 Colorful Chalk (378/pack) TCU 5839 Bright Happy Faces (378/pack) TCU 2142 Black & White Alphabet (378/pack) NEW TCU 5798 Rainbow Stars (378/pack) TCU 3482 Tropical Punch Incentive Charts NEW TCU 2749 Tropical Punch Mini Stickers (378/pack) NEW TCU5360 Surfboards TCU3072 Colorful Scribble TCU 4773 Colorful Paw Prints Incentive Charts TCU 4819 Colorful Paw Prints Mini Stickers (528/pack) TCU 5485 Marquee You're a Star NEW TCU 5569 Superhero Super Student Printed on sturdy paper, these awards will become keepsakes for the youngsters who receive them. Awards n 8 " x 5 " n Heavy Stock Paper n 25 per pack n $3.49 per pack TCU 2148 Tropical Punch Awesome NEW Punch Cards Use these colorful punch cards to motivate students to complete tasks, demonstrate good behavior, and achieve goals. When all of the punches are complete, reward their accomplishment with a special treat! n Each card measures 5" x 3" n 60 per pack n $5.49 per pack TCU 5607 Superhero (1 design) TCU 5608 Polka Dots (6 colors) lk TCU 5844 Superhero Super Birthday TCU 5836 Chalkboard Brights Amazing Work 65 Incentive Charts /Mini Stickers /Awards

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