Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 59 Awnings/Library Pockets

TCU 77184 Chalkboard Brights TCU 77165 Red & White Stripes n Quick assembly using simple steps n Features 3 reinforced notches on the back to hang easily n 24"W x 12"H x 8"D n One awning per pack n $7.99 each TCU 77283 Light Blue Marquee NEW TCU 77311 Red Marquee NEW TCU 77256 Superhero Awnings Give your classroom a glamorous makeover with these fancy awnings. Mix and match your favorite patterns and colors to create the perfect themed classroom. Hang these sturdy awnings over your bulletin boards and entryways, organize work areas, or make fun learning corners. Endless ways to personalize your space! TCU 5550 Paw Prints TCU 77178 Shabby Chic Multi-Pack (5 colors) TCU 5481 Marquee Multi-Pack (5 colors) NEW TCU 5647 Superhero Multi-Pack (5 colors) TCU 2672 Tropical Punch Multi-Pack (5 colors) NEW TCU 3053 Scribble Multi-Pack (5 colors) NEW TCU 5555 Chevrons & Dots Multi-Pack (5 colors) TCU 5657 Chalkboard Brights Library Pockets n 35 pieces per pack n 3" x 5" n $5.99 per pack These handy little holders have a multitude of uses inside the classroom and elsewhere! Put them on a bulletin board for an instant job chart! Add them to a classroom center to manage the work that students do there. Use them to hold craft sticks, game pieces, and 3 x 5 index cards. Of course, you can put them inside the books in your classroom library, too! 59 Awnings / Library Pockets

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