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Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 - Page 59 New Decor Collections/Bulletin Boards

Carnival Literary Genres

Teach students about different literary genres with this whimsical carnival-themed mini bulletin board. Includes a title piece, 12 genre signs, and 4 pole pieces. Over 4 feet tall when fully assembled! 17 total pieces. TCZ 5714 $7.99


TCZ 4099 Black Polka Dots Eight 6"x 21" pieces $7.99

Think Like a Scientist

Remind students of the steps of the scientific method. 21 total pieces. TCZ 4867 $7.99

The Writing Process

Display this colorful bulletin board as a visual reference for students to keep track of where they are in the writing process. The header piece measures 21" x 6". 19 total pieces. TCZ 5183 $7.99 NEW

I Can...

Show what your students can do! Write standards or goals that students are working to achieve in the form of

"I can"

statements. Then display students' work or students' names below each statement. The header measures 21"x 5". Includes 10 medium cards and 12 small cards. 23 total pieces. TCZ 4623 $7.99

compare & contrast story elements.

Lime Polka Dots Classroom Helpers

Create a stylish classroom jobs display with this mini bulletin board set. Includes titles for Lights, Clean-Up Crew, Calendar, Line Leader, Messenger, Papers, Pencils, Teacher's Helper, and Supplies, plus blank pieces that you can customize. Header piece measures 20"x 5". 52 total pieces. TCZ 5493 $7.99

How Am I Doing Today

Use this display to manage classroom behavior and encourage better work and study habits. Header is 21"x 6". 49 pieces including 36 name tags. TCZ 4875 $7.99



Mini Bulletin Boards

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