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Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 - Page 53 New Decor Collections/Bulletin Boards

Alphabet Line Bulletin Board

Includes a frame and arrow that can be used to highlight a letter of the day. Includes numbers 0-10 and a teacher's guide. Each 3-letter panel is 17" x 7". 14 total pieces. TCZ 5621 $12.99

Classroom Jobs Mini Bulletin Board

Brighten up your classroom with this colorful classroom jobs mini bulletin board. The set includes titles for Lights, Clean-Up Crew, Calendar, Line Leader, Messenger, Papers, Pencils, Teacher's Helper, and Supplies, plus blank pieces that you can customize. Header piece measures about 20" x 5". 51 pieces. TCZ 5653 $7.99

Cursive Writing Bulletin Board

Display the alphabet and numbers 0-9 as a handy reference for young students. The 4-page teacher's guide includes writing tips. Includes 9 panels. Each 4-letter panel is 23" x 7". TCZ 5858 $12.99

Happy Birthday Awards


8" x 5"


25 per pack TCZ5466 $3.49 NEW

Number Cards

These handy cards are perfect for labeling storage bins, student cubbies, or for teaching numbers. 110 non-adhesive number cards-Includes numbers 0-100 plus 9 blank cards. Approx 2" diameter. TCZ 2567 $6.99 NEW

Chalkboard Brights Our ClassBirthdays Bulletin Board

Students will love to see their names displayed on this colorful birthday mini bulletin board. The header piece measures 21"x 5". Includes 12 months with colorful matching strips and 36 cards for writing students' names. 61 total pieces. TCZ 5506 $7.99


Chalkboard Brights

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