Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 51 Bulletin Boards

All About the Number Teach students about the multiple ways in which numbers can be expressed. Display any number from 1-100 in word and numeric form. You can also use tally marks, count by tens, and show the numbers that come before and after. Title piece is 22" x 8". 144 total pieces. TCU 5823 $12.99 Birthday Graph Celebrate birthdays and graph information about them. Find additional tips in the teacher's guide. 80 total pieces, including 60 candle pieces. TCU 5335 $12.99 Number Line (-20 to +120) Use this versatile display to teach about even/odd numbers, positive/negative numbers, and math operations. 15 number line pieces, 8 accents, and a teacher's guide. 23 total pieces. TCU 5152 $12.99 Carnival A TCU 5710 Numbers 0-20 $13.99 "All About the Number" poster is about 13" x 17". Number posters are each about 6" x 11". 39 accents. 61 total pieces. B TCU 5706 Alphabet Word Wall $12.99 Word walls provide visual clues to help build vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. This bulletin board is a bright and colorful way to display vocabulary words for your whole class to see. Includes 26 alphabet cards and 114 blank cards. 140 total pieces. Airplane Apple Arm A B 51 Bulletin Boards

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