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Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 - Page 39 Bulletin Boards

Close Reading Strategies

This vibrant visual display leads students through the steps of close reading. Includes

"Close Reading Strategies"

banner; key steps for 1st Read, 2nd Read, and 3rd Read; Focus Questions for Fiction and Nonfiction; tips on answering evidence-based questions; and additional accent pieces. Largest piece measures 11 "x 16". 13 total pieces. TCX 60237 $10.99

Current Events

This bulletin board includes

"That's News to Us"

banner; 6 headlines: Our World, Our Nation, Our Community, Our Classroom, Our State, and Our School; 3 news information pieces; 6 key questions; 9 news icons; and 3 blank banners. Largest piece measures 6"x 22". Set of 28 pieces. TCX 62223 $10.99

Literary Genres

This colorful photographic reference to literary genres includes 12 photographic genre books with descriptions, plus 4 blank books. 17 total pieces. TCX 62292 $10.99

Nonfiction Text Features

Includes headings and subheadings, diagrams, glossaries, captions, indexes, table of contents, text styles, illustrations, charts and graphs, bullets, time lines, photographs, sidebars, and interactive elements. Largest piece measures 8"x 23". 15 total pieces. TCX 62381 $10.99

Nonfiction Text Features

Includes 4 blank book pieces to customize!


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