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Read Every Day

Encourage reading with a display of hot air balloons flying up, up, and away! Write each student's name on a balloon, and move the balloons from the "10 books" cloud to the "20 books" cloud-all the way up to the "100 books" cloud! 54 pieces including 40 hot air balloons plus a teacher's guide. TCX 5298 $12.99

Learning Takes Us Places

Students will learn to take flight with this exciting display. Includes

"Learning Takes Us Places"

banner, 36 colorful planes for student names, teacher's plane with customizable banner, 3 hot air balloons, and 3 customizable accent pieces . Largest piece measures 15"x 16". 45 total pieces. TCX 63578 $10.99


Includes 7 inspirational phrases plus several small balls, bats, and skates. "Teamwork Works" piece is 23"x 15". Includes a teacher's guide. TCX 1793 $12.99

Look Who's Pitching In

Manage classroom jobs using a team approach. Write students' names on the baseballs and job titles on the mitts. Kids learn to take turns and contribute to the team by fulfilling their responsibilities. 61 pieces including 44 baseballs and 9 mitts plus a teacher's guide. TCX 5318 $12.99


Remind students of proper hand placement. Includes ten 17" x 6" keyboards, a pair of hands, "Keyboard" heading, and a teacher's guide. TCX 1856 $12.99

We're Fired Up for Learning

Get students fired up with this lively display. Includes customizable

"We're Fired Up For Learning!"

banner, 36 dragons, and customizable accent pieces, including a castle, scroll, shield, flag, and fireball. Largest piece measures 22"x 14". 42 total pieces. TCX 62386 $10.99


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