Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 35 Manipulatives

Question Cubes Four 2" cubes get discussions and/or stories started. Each cube has Who? What? When? Where? Why? and one blank side. TCU 20614 $5.99 Conversation Cubes Six 2" cubes with 36 conversation-starting questions. Encourage students to learn about one another as they respond to thought-provoking questions. TCU 20642 $9.99 Story Starter Cubes Six 2" cubes with 36 story starters. Spark creative thinking by rolling the cubes to choose characters, situations, and settings for original stories. TCU 20641 $9.99 Foam Cubes n Foam is lightweight, quiet, and soft n Teaching tips are included Reading Comprehension Cubes Six 2" cubes with 36 different questions. Questions assess comprehension skills regarding text types and reading strategies. TCU 20634 $9.99 Retell a Story Cubes Six 2" cubes with 36 different activities. Activities encourage demonstration of comprehension skills and creative self-expression. TCU 20635 $9.99 Pawn Game Pieces n Each piece measures 1" tall n 3 each of 10 colors Great for counting, sorting, and matching activities, or use them to create your own games. 30 total pieces. TCU 20701 $7.99 per pack Magnetic Foam Small Uppercase Letters Practice alphabet-related skills using foam letters with magnetic backing. 55 letters: 41 blue consonants, 13 red vowels, 1 purple Y. Each measures 1". TCU 20624 $5.99 35 Manipulatives

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