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Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 - Page 35 Bulletin Boards

Chevron Welcome

Use GIANT letters to create a welcome sign that no one can miss! Each letter is about 13" tall. The whole word spans about 6' long, and longer if the letters are spread out! Includes 33 multi-purpose blank cards and a teacher's guide. 41 total pieces. TCX 5524 $12.99

Black & White Chevrons and Dots Alphabet

Add pizzazz to your classroom with this traditional print alphabet bulletin board. The 37 (8"x 6") cards feature both upper- and lowercase letters and numbers 0-10. The set also includes 29 (4"x 2") blank cards plus a teacher's guide with suggested activities. 66 total pieces. TCX 5573 $12.99

Apron Art Attic Back Board Bird


Apple Bike Can

Action Apple After Barn Care Bear Crown

Polka Dots Word Wall

Word walls provide visual clues to help build vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension skills. These bulletin boards are a bright and colorful way to display vocabulary words for your whole class to see. Includes 26 alphabet cards (5" circles ) and 100 blank cards (4


/8"x 2"). 126 total pieces. TCX 5787 $12.99

Fancy Frames

Add a pop of color to your walls with this fancy frame display. The versatile frames can be used to display student work, class rules, objectives, or anything you want to highlight in your classroom. Includes 8 large frames (approx. 11"x 13"), 8 labels (11"x 2


/8"), and a teacher's guide. 16 total pieces. TCX 5628 $12.99

Positive Posters

Motivate and encourage your students by displaying uplifting messages in your classroom every day. This colorful bulletin board set features 16 posters with positive messages to inspire your students. Each poster measures 9"x 12". Includes a teacher's guide with suggested activities. TCX 5099 $12.99

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