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Sailing Into...

Welcome students to a new grade in style, and help them get to know one another. The lighthouse is 21" tall. Title pieces for Kindergarten through 6th Grade. Teacher's guide and 63 pieces, including 32 sailboats.

TCX 5440


Nautical Calendar

Add style and function to your classroom with this nautical themed calendar display. This set includes headers for each month as well as each day of the week. Additional features include labels for yesterday, today, and tomorrow plus markers for birthdays, testing days, and minimum days. The calendar measures 24" x 18". 72 total pieces.

TCX 5492


Fireworks Happy 100th Day

Get ready to celebrate! This set comes with 25 "I can ___ 100 times," pieces and 25 "I wish I had 100 ___" pieces along with 10 cute kids and the title pieces. The teacher's guide suggests 100 ways to celebrate the 100th day. TCX 5519 $12.99

Poster Pack

Celebrate the 100th day of school by giving students a chance to show what they've learned. The large 17" x 22" sheets provide plenty of space for words and pictures. 32 sheets per pack. TCX 5640 $12.99

Number Line (-20 to +120)

Use this versatile display to teach about even/odd numbers, positive/negative numbers, and math operations. 15 number line pieces, 8 accents, and a teacher's guide. TCX 5152 $12.99


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