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Giant Surfboards

Surf's up with this fun bulletin board display. The two giant surfboards are each made up of three pieces and when put together each board is over 4 feet tall! Use it as a way to display student of the month information, as a backdrop for student photos, or simply as a classroom decoration. Two surfboards per pack in 3 sections for 6 total pieces. TCX 5090 $12.99

3 sections per board

Surf's Up

Ride the wave...to a new grade or to new heights of academic achievement. Have some fun as you display student work or classroom information. The hut measures 20 "x 12 ". Teacher's guide and 63 pieces, including 43 surfboards. TCX 5517 $12.99

Big Tree with Polka Dot Leaves

With several trunk pieces, this tree can "grow" up to 72 inches (6 feet) high, creating a backdrop for lessons ranging from "life in a tree" to "parts of speech." 78 pieces, including 27 polka dot leaves and 40 blank leaves plus a teacher's guide. TCX 5435 $14.99

Polka Dot School Calendar

Inspire smiles every day with a polka dot calendar. This bulletin board includes a blank calendar, easy-to-read number pieces, colorful monthly headers, and additional pieces for holidays and special occasions. The calendar measures 24" x 18". 68 pieces. TCX 4188 $12.99

As tall as 6' high!

Seasonal Tree

Post classroom jobs, display student work, or decorate this tree for any season. Height is adjustable. Largest piece is 17" x 23". Includes 50 leaves, and a teacher's guide. 64 total pieces. TCX 4405 $12.99

Adjusts from approximately 3' to 5'


Bulletin Boards

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