Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 29 Classroom Organizers

TCU 5664 Superhero TCU 5834 Black & White TCU 5833 Chalkboard Brights Sticky Notes n 3 assorted sticky notepads n 4 sticky flag pads n 808 total sheets n Acid-free and recyclable n Each box measures 9" x 4 1 /8" x 7 /8" n $9.99 per pack Add style to messages with sticky notes that match your favorite classroom theme. Each set includes three designer sticky notepads and four sticky flag pads. Magnetic Hall Passes n Each pass measures 6" x 2" n Sticks to whiteboards or any magnetically receptive surface n $3.49 each TCU 77238 Red Polka Dots Magnetic Hall Pass TCU 77239 Aqua Polka Dots Magnetic Boys Pass TCU 77240 Lime Polka Dots Magnetic Girls Pass TCU 77273 Superhero Magnetic Hall Pass NEW TCU 77274 Superhero Magnetic Girls Pass NEW TCU 77275 Superhero Magnetic Boys Pass NEW TCU 77276 Chalkboard Brights Magnetic Hall Pass NEW TCU 77277 Chalkboard Brights Magnetic Girls Pass NEW TCU 77278 Chalkboard Brights Magnetic Boys Pass NEW Plastic Craft Sticks n 4 1 /2" x 3 /8" n 5 Colors n 100 per pack Great for craft projects plus classroom organization! Write students' names on the sticks to use for attendance or jobs. Write lowercase letters on one set of sticks and uppercase letters on another set and you have a matching game! TCU 20688 $9.99 Hall Passes n Each 6" x 2" n Water resistant n Woven nylon cords n $3.49 each TCU 4753 Polka Dots Hall Pass TCU 4754 Polka Dots Girl's Pass TCU 4755 Polka Dots Boy's Pass Makes a great teacher gift! NEW 29 Classroom Organizers

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