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Look for more Pete the Cat Games on pages 27 and 29.

TCZ 63532 Word Families TCZ 63533 Beginning Blends and Digraphs

Pete the Cat Purrfect Pairs

Practice pairing words by word family in this purrfectly fun game! Players take turns drawing from the deck of word cards and matching them with the cards in front of them. The first player to make four matching pairs wins the game. The game is separated into three color-coded decks to optimize gameplay for 2-4 players. The game includes 150 cards, offering players practice with 24 word families. Directions with additional activities included. Ages 5+. $14.99 each

Classwords Vocabulary

Games develop vocabulary - an essential component of reading success! Students give clues and guess grade-level vocabulary words. Games build vocabulary and critical thinking skills as students activate prior knowledge, use context clues, make inferences and draw on vocabulary. Each game includes 200 cards, one-minute timer, directions and extension ideas. Aligned with Common Core and State Standards. Supports requirements of Title I and other federally-funded programs. $13.99 each


Fast-paced games provide practice for sight words or math facts. As the caller reads each card aloud, players scan the cards in front of them. If a player has a matching card, he or she says "SPLAT!" and flips the card over. The first player to flip over all of his or her cards wins. Three color- coded decks make it easy to adapt the game for one-on-one practice or multiple players. For 2-6 players. $12.99 each

Math Noodlers

Fun with multiple intelligences! Students solve math problems by choosing Write It, Draw It, Show It and Choose It cards. Concepts covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, measurement, graphing, money and time. Multiple award winner! $22.99 each

Learning Well Math Games

Skill-boosting games make math facts come alive! Fraction cards include numerical fractions and pictorial fractions for easy differentiation!

TCZ 62350 Grades 23 TCZ 62351 Grades 45

Sight Words

TCZ 63757 Grades K1 TCZ 63758 Grades 12


TCZ 63759 Addition TCZ 63760 Subtraction TCZ 63953 Multiplication

Award Winning! Award Winning! Award Winning!


Language Arts/Math Games

Grades K-6

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