Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 24 Pocket Charts

A TCU 20736 Chalkboard Brights B TCU 20737 Lime Polka Dots C TCU 20738 Aqua Polka Dots D TCU 20739 Superhero Calendar Pocket Chart n 25" x 36" n 45 clear pockets hold calendar headliners and days n Includes 68 calendar pieces n $24.99 TCU 20748 Black Calendar Pocket Chart Storage Pocket Chart n 35 clear pockets are perfect for organizing small storage items n 32" x 36" n $29.99 TCU 20750 Black Polka Dots Storage Pocket Chart These lightweight and durable pocket charts feature colorful designs and hang easily from sturdy, metal grommets. File Storage Pocket Charts n 10 folder-sized pockets n Clear label holders n 14" x 46" n $16.99 each A B C D Includes calendar pieces. 24 Pocket Charts

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