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Social-Emotional Learing:

Lessons for Developing Decision-Making Skills


This series is designed to help students develop a strong set of social and emotional skills. Students are asked to read, think, and respond to a variety of reading passages that contain character-building scenarios. Each of the 15 units includes:


a 3-page reading passage addressing a different aspect of character development, such as honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility


thought-provoking questions for teacher-guided discussions


5 reading comprehension questions


4 different writing activities to gauge understanding of concepts

All About Me Poster Pack


17"x 22"


32 sheets per pack Give students a chance to describe themselves and to tell others about themselves. The large 17"x 22" sheets provide plenty of space for words and pictures. TCZ 5222 $12.99

All About Me Pennants Bulletin Board

Give students a chance to share about themselves and their favorite things with these pennants that they can personalize. When you hang the filled-in pennants in your classroom you will have a unique decoration that your students will love. Each pennant measures 7"x 9". 36 total pieces. TCZ 5578 $12.99

Teacher Created Resources 21 #8005 All About Super-sensational Me!

I Am Grateful

To be grateful means to be appreciative and to be thankful. I know it is important to be grateful for the people and things that are important to me. Here are some words and pictures to show what I am grateful for. I try to show that I am grateful by _______________ _____________________________________________ . I am grateful for __________________________ . I am grateful for __________________________ .

Teacher Created Resources


#8130 Reading & Writing Activities for SEL


Unit 5: Fairness Writing Activities

Make a list of things you are old enough to do and another list of things you cannot do yet. Old Enough Now Have to Wait Write about a time when you thought a rule was unfair. State the rule and explain why you do not think it is fair.


All About Super Me! Journals

Students will love using this journal to record their thoughts and ideas. Each page includes prompts for them to write, draw, or answer questions about themselves, their school, and their favorite things. When they have completed the journal they will have a wonderful keepsake that's all about them! 48 pages. $4.99 each TCZ 8004 All About Super Me! Grades K-1 TCZ 8005 All About Super-Sensational Me! Grades 2-3



Teacher Created Resources 99 #8001 1-2-3 Learn

Look Around:

Are you in the house, or out? Together, notice times when you go in or out.

Try This:

Place a ball in a basket and then take it out of the basket. Do this numerous times and

In and Out


Look at the two frogs playing at the pond. One frog is in the water and one frog is out of the water. Point to the frog that is in the water. Color the frog that is out of the water.

1-2-3 Learn

Develop a love of learning with these fun-filled activities that will build a solid foundation for future academic success. Each page in the series was designed as a guide for exploring and developing important skills and concepts including identifying colors, naming and tracing lines, letters, numbers, and shapes, recognizing letter sounds and exploring number concepts. In addition to the lessons, each page includes extension activities designed to enable a child to make connections between the skill or concept being explored and his or her world. 128 pages. $14.99 each TCZ 8001 Ages 23 TCZ 8002 Ages 34 TCZ 8003 Ages 45

99 #8001 1-2-3 Learn

gether, notice times when you go in or out. e it out of the basket. Do this numerous times and

TCZ 6471 1-2-3 Learn Set

(3 books)

$44.97 Lexile levels are provided for all passages. 128 pages. $14.99 each TCZ 8109 Grades 23 TCZ 8130 Grades 46

Teacher Created Resources

Write about a time and explain why y


Un Wr

M yo




Social-Emotional/Early Learning

Grades Pre K-3

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