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Word Waffle Satisfy your appetite for vocabulary with this delicious game! Players "waffle" between answers for multiple-choice questions. After predicting if the answer will be"a" or"b" a player answers a vocabulary question and checks the answer key. If she predicted correctly, she keeps all of her tokens; if she predicted incorrectly, she must give half of her tokens back to the kitchen. But save room for more, because a Full Plate card will earn a player back all of the tokens she has lost. The last player remaining in the game is the winner! Includes 150 cards, 64 tokens, and directions. $13.99 each TCU 62093 Grade 2 TCU 62094 Grade 3 TCU 62095 Grade 4 TCU 62096 Grade 5 TCU 62097 Grade 6 Pete the Cat Meow Match Game Practice making pairs with Pete the Cat! This beginner game boosts visual discrimination and memory skills as players flip over cards to make matches with Pete and his friends. Includes 78 cards (39 matching pairs), directions, and additional fun ideas for using the cards. Ages 3+. TCU 62075 $12.99 Pete the Cat Cool Cat Math Game Turn students into cool math cats with this groovy game! Players practice grade-level math by drawing cards and answering questions. A correct answer earns the player a Pete button. The first player to earn four buttons wins the game. When players draw Cool Cat Cards, they earn additional buttons-or give them up. Includes 120 cards, covering all grade-level Common Core State Standards. Standards indicated on each card. Directions with additional activities included. $13.99 each TCU 63530 Kindergarten TCU 63531 Grade 1 Pete the Cat Purrfect Pairs Game Practice pairing words by word family or blends and digraphs in this purrfectly fun game! Players take turns drawing from the deck of word cards and matching them with the cards in front of them. The first player to make four matching pairs wins the game. The game is separated into three color-coded decks to optimize gameplay for 2-4 players. The game includes 150 cards, offering players practice with 24 word families. Directions with additional activities included. $13.99 each TCU 63532 Word Families TCU 63533 Beginning Blends & Digraphs PETE THE CAT 1999, 2010 James Dean by arrangement with MerryMakers, Inc. PETE THE CAT is a Registered Trademark of James Dean, US Reg. #3820216, #4903976 19 Grades K-6 Math/Language Arts Games

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