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U.S. Map Bulletin Board

Accent history or geography lessons with a map of all 50 states surrounded by state flags. Includes 129 repositionable labels for states, capitals, bordering countries, and bodies of water. Main map is 36" x 24". TCZ 4403 $14.99


"Sticker" Labels

Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 67 #9276 Down to Earth Geography Standard 8: Physical Systems Where Animals and Plants Are Found

A cave was discovered in 1986. The cave is located in Romania, near the Black Sea. The cave was cut off from the surface more than five million years ago. Of the 48 animal species identified, 33 species had not yet been discovered! No animals in the cave have backbones. All the animals are blind. There are leeches, centipedes, spiders, and earthworms. Bacteria are at the bottom of the food chain. Then, other animals eat the bacteria and other animals. How do the bacteria get their energy? They do not get it from light energy. They get it from chemical energy. Hydrogen sulfide rises into the water from deep within the earth. From the story, you can tell that: A. hydrogen sulfide provides light energy B. some food chains are based on chemical energy C. scientists know about all the animals on Earth D. chemical energy is the basis for all food chains On the map, find Romania and the Black Sea. Name two other countries that border the Black Sea. _______________________________________________ A new frog was discovered in 1993. The frog was discovered on a remote mountain in the Cuban rain forest. This frog tied with a frog found in 1971 in Brazil for the smallest frog in the world. How small is this frog? It can sit on the middle of a dime! It is two-fifths of an inch (10 mm) in length. All animals have a special place in ecosystems. It is thought that most predators, such as snakes, which usually eat frogs don't eat this type. Why not? They are too small. Instead, centipedes and spiders may eat them. About 90 percent of Cuba's rain forests have been cut down or burned. What do you think will happen to this frog if the practice continues? _________________________ On the map, find Cuba and Brazil. On a separate piece of paper describe how to get from Cuba to Brazil. In your instructions, include compass directions, hemispheres, and names of bodies of water and countries you have to fly over, cross through, or pass by.

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__ ___ __ __ __ _ ___ __ __ ______ __ ___ __ __ _ __ _ _ ___ _ __ __ ____ _ __ __ __ __ _ ___ __ _ Cu Cub ub b ba ba and Braz a and Braz and Braz and Bra nd Br d B B nd Bra Cu C b a azi il i . ce e e o o of f p pa a aper per ce e of f ce of pap d de es esc cr ri ibe be ri ib be desc cr be ri e des sc cr sc e ba a to Brazil Brazil Br Brazi razi raz Brazil ba a t to ba a t to Brazil ba t to b to o . I In n y yo you u ur n y u ur In n n y n yo you ur n n y ur In you ur n y e e c co o om m e e c co om mp p pa a as ss s e om mp pa a ass s c co o om mp p pa a ass ss s p d dir re e d direc ct ti d dir r re e ec ct ti dire d dir r re e ec ct ti e ec ct tio on ns s ns, o ons, ns ns, s, o , na a am m me ames na a am me es nam m me mes es n na am me es ames s of bodies of bodie f i o of o of bodies dies s f of bodies es s o s of of bodies es s o of f o of f o of f s y you have t you hav yo you ou h ou ha u ha u hav have you have you s s y yo ou a av ve ave t s you hav y a ave t e have t yo ha ave t e a av ve t ave to fly fly o fly ov o fly ov o fly ove o ov ve e er r o fl o fly ove o fl f ov ve e er r o o f o f fly ve e er r, ve e er r, y , ass ss s b s by b ass s b by by. a by. s b by. s

Down to Earth Geography

Help students become more geographically literate and better prepared for the global community. Each book has 18 units that cover the 18 National Geography Standards. High-interest activities introduce students to places and regions, physical systems, human systems, environment and society, and the uses of geography. 176 pages + CD. $21.99 each

World Geography

Third Edition

Reproducible maps and challenging activities help students gain a thorough knowledge of world geography. Students learn not only about rivers, mountains, climate, and vegetation, but also about people-their cities, languages, religions, clothing, and more. 176 pages. Grades 5-8. TCZ 3799 $19.99 TCZ 9861 Down to Earth Geography Set (6 books) $131.94 TCZ 9271 Grade 1 TCZ 9272 Grade 2 TCZ 9273 Grade 3 TCZ 9274 Grade 4 TCZ 9275 Grade 5 TCZ 9276 Grade 6

States and Capitals

This resource provides lots of activities and memory prompts to help students learn state names, locations, and capitals. 80 pages. Grades 4-5. TCZ 8000 $10.99

Amazing State Poster Pack

Here's a fun way for students to do a state report and display what they have learned for the whole class to see. Once they research specific information about their state, like the capital, the date of statehood, landmarks, and other interesting facts, they fill out their own poster to show what they've learned. The large 17" x 22" sheets provide plenty of space for words and pictures. 32 sheets per pack. TCZ 5800 $12.99

State Reports the Fun Way!

Take Five Minutes

A History Fact A Day For Editing

Students "rewrite" history when they edit error-laden history facts for grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation errors. 144 pages. Grades 3-5. TCZ 3051 $15.99

American History ClassOpeners

Six different types of critical thinking activities covering 72 topics set the instructional stage for history lessons and provoke higher-order thinking. 176 pages. Grades 5-8. TCZ 3641 $17.99

Social Studies Through the Year

Weekly themes are based on popular social studies topics such as self, friends, food, clothing, homes, families, communities, maps, holidays, patriotism, explorers, inventors, national leaders, early Americans, and Native Americans. 384 pages. Grades 2-4. TCZ 2467 $25.99

Reflective and Critical-Thinking Activities Theme #53

Post-World War II Period

Journal Prompts

U "ow would post-World War II events have been different had Franklin D. Roosevelt lived to complete his fourth term? U "ow were the problems facing Europe in the aftermath of World War II similar to those Americans faced during Reconstruction? U 1as National Security Council paper NSC-68-which was issued in 1950 and predicted a polarized world-a self-fulfilling prophecy? Explain.

Time Line

Develop a time line listing events relevant to the following themes: U Establishment of the United Nations

Decision-Making Scenarios

U If you were a returning soldier from World War II and were able to be the first in your family to attend college due to the G.I. Bill, how would you feel on graduation day? you tell him would be another option to restore stability to Europe besides dividing the continent into zones or spheres of influence? U If you were one of the American pilots who flew a total of 272,000 flights over West Berlin during the Soviet blockade in 1948-1949, what would you write your family back home concerning your experiences and how you felt about the entire mission?

#3641 Take Five Minutes: American History 118 Teacher Created Resources, Inc. #3

Make every minute count-even those few minutes at the start or end of the school day.

A cave was di cut off from th species had n blind. There a Bacteria are at How do the ba energy. Hydrog From the story, A. hydrogen B. some food C. scientists D. chemical e On the map, find two other countr _____________ A new frog was d forest. This frog t this frog? It can s All animals have a which usually eat spiders may eat th About 90 percent have been cut dow you think will happ practice

Teacher Cr t d Teacher C T Teacher Teacher Cre Cr t d Teacher Create Teacher Created r Created Created d re e eat ated d Res R Re R Re R Re es

continues? ? _ __ __ _ __ _ __ __ _ On t th m the m e map, fi , fi fi th ma ap, fi fi in n th he e ma ap p, in the ma in the m in a ap d d C C d C O On n n a sep sep epa pa a arate p e p p O On pa ar rate ate e p O On n a n a sepa ar r rate a O pa pa ar rate s se epar r rat p a i ie iec ec c iec c h ho how ow to ge to ge ge e et from om from om m fro how t w et t fro om h et t from h ho ow t f fr g C Cub Cub C Cu ub b in nstru nstructio struc ru uctio ctio on ns s, i i , i i in nstructions s, i in nstr ru inst uctio ons, n ns str n ns, nclu clu lude ud ude de e nc de nc e nc ude he hemisphe em misphe sphe ph es, an s, an an n em mis sphe eres, an an n sphe ere es, a h e er r re m e er re es, r a d n n d n d d n d water and wat ter and nd d c d co ount nt t ater and er cou count oun wate wa ater and coun w er and co ate a er an u es ie r ri s rie ies r ries s rie ie es s cross throug cross through cross throu cro thro ro oug ough ugh h cross t cross through, ro ough, cross through, cro o h, or or p o pa a or or p pa a p pa

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