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Social Studies

Differentiated Lessons & Assessments

Practical strategies, activities, and assessments help teachers differentiate lessons to meet the individual needs, styles, and abilities of students. Each unit of study includes key concepts, discussion topics, vocabulary, and assessments, as well as a wide range of activities for visual, logical, verbal, musical, and kinesthetic learners. Helpful extras include generic strategies and activities for differentiating lessons. 224 pages. $19.99 each TCZ 2924 Grade 4 Topics include: Classifying Living Things; Plants; Ecosystems; Water and Weather; Rocks and Minerals; Matter; Heat; Electricity; Sound


TCZ 2925 Grade 5 Topics include: Cells; The Human Body; Space; Earth and the Solar System; Properties of Matter; Chemical Changes in Matter; Force and Motion; Energy TCZ 2926 Grade 6 Topics include: Cells; The Reproduction of Living Things; Plants; Plate Tectonics; Matter; Machines; Force and Motion; Technology TCZ 2927 Grade 4 Topics include: Maps and Globes; United States Regions; The Northeast; The Southeast; The Midwest; The Southwest; The West TCZ 2928 Grade 5 Topics include: Early People of North and South America; Native People of North America; Colonial America; American Revolution; The United States 1781-1815; Westward Expansion; Civil War and Reconstruction; Invention, Industry & Immigration; World War I and II TCZ 2929 Grade 6 Topics include: Ancient Civilizations; Ancient Egypt; Ancient China; Ancient India and Persia; Ancient Greece; Ancient Rome; The Byzantine Empire and Islam; Europe in the Middle Ages; The Renaissance

Spotlight on America

Give students in-depth views of specific events and historic eras with lessons that reinforce nonfiction reading skills. Each book features reading selections and quizzes, student activity pages, an annotated bibliography, and a glossary of terms. Most titles include a Readers' Theater.

Grades 4 -8:

TCZ 3600 Native Americans 96 pgs. $13.99 TCZ 3213 Colonial America 80 pgs. $12.99 TCZ 3212 American Revolution 80 pgs. $12.99 TCZ 3211 The Constitution 64 pgs. $9.99 TCZ 3214 Civil War 80 pgs. $12.99 TCZ 3215 Underground Railroad 48 pgs. $9.99 TCZ 3217 Elections 64 pgs. $9.99

Grades 5 & Up:

TCZ 3216 Westward Movement 96 pgs. $13.99 TCZ 3218 The Great Depression 48 pgs. $9.99 TCZ 3219 20th Century Wars 96 pgs. $13.99 TCZ 3220 Industrial Revolution 48 pgs. $9.99 TCZ 3234 Great Inventions/Inventors 96 pgs. $13.99 TCZ 3147 A Nation of Immigrants 96 pgs. $13.99 TCZ 3395 African Americans 96 pgs. $13.99

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Science/Social Studies

Grades 1-8

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