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Multiplication: Four-in-a-Row To play, Player 1 places yellow chips on any two numbers surrounding the grid. He or she then places a red marker on the product (the answer to the multiplication problem) on the grid. Player 2 moves only ONE of the yellow chips and then places a blue marker on the product of the new problem. Play continues until the winner has four numbers covered in a row (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal). Strategies involve not only building your own row of four markers, but also blocking your opponent's row! For 2-10 players. Grades 3-8. TCU 7803 $18.99 Football Multiplication Reinforce multiplication facts to 12 while encouraging student interaction. Players take turns choosing an equation disc from a pile. If the product (answer) of that equation is on the player's game mat, he or she places the disc over that number. The first player to cover all the numbers on a game mat wins. Ten 9.5"x 8" game mats. For 2-10 players. Grades 3-6. TCU 7807 $18.99 Real-World Math Game cards relate to real-world events like earning money for babysitting or buying movie tickets. The game gives kids experience in balancing a check register and shows them the relevance of math skills. 19"x 16" game board. For 2-6 players. Grades 3-5. TCU 7804 $19.99 Splat! Games Our popular Splat! game format offers a fun way to practice sight words or math facts! As the caller reads each answer aloud, players scan the cards in front of them to see if they have a matching card. If a player has a matching card, he or she says "SPLAT!" and flips the card over. The first player to flip over all of his or her cards wins. For 2-6 players. Each set has 225 cards, plus directions. $12.99 each TCU 63757 Splat! Game: Sight Words (Grades K-1) TCU 63758 Splat! Game: Sight Words (Grades 1-2) TCU 63759 Splat! Game: Addition TCU 63760 Splat! Game: Subtraction TCU 63953 Splat! Game: Multiplication NEW earning money for me gives kids experience in ke earning money for CHOKING HAZARD- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. Word Racer Game Combine the excitement of racing with the fun of playing and the challenge of learning to read. Each "driver" picks up a card, chooses the correct sight word to fill in the blank, reads the sentence, and races ahead! 24"x 9.5" game board. For 2-4 players. Grades K-1. TCU 7811 $18.99 Digging Up Sight Words Game Children learn over 260 sight words as they read aloud and make decisions. Each player draws a sentence card and chooses a sight word to complete the sentence. With a correct answer, the player collects the number of bones indicated on the card and moves ahead. The player who ends up with the most bones wins! For 2-4 players. Grades K-2. TCU 7812 $18.99 Words Game W ds s Game NEW 18 Math/Language Arts Games Grades K-8

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