Grades Prek 8 Spring 2017 page 17 Early Childhood

Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 113 #3017 Phonics: Book 3 Diphthongs Directions: Read the words in the first column that describe the item. Look in the second column for a rhyming word. Print the answer in the third column. Clue Rhyme Answer you do this with gum silly person in a circus opposite of a girl opposite of north not old a penny or a dime a small city things to play with a circle is this shape dirt a pretty bloom a place to live loud sounds what a kitten says rhymes with crew rhymes with gown rhymes with toy rhymes with mouth rhymes with flew rhymes with join rhymes with crown rhymes with boys rhymes with pound rhymes with foil rhymes with shower rhymes with mouse rhymes with poise rhymes with dew 1. ________________ 2. ________________ 3. ________________ 4. ________________ 5. ________________ 6. ________________ 7. ________________ 8. ________________ 9. ________________ 10. ________________ 11. ________________ 12. ________________ 13. ________________ 14. ________________ Tea Phonics Practice This three-book series helps students develop reading skills. Students review and practice phonemic awareness and alphabet recognition skills and work their way through more advanced phonics concepts including blends, digraphs, synonyms, and antonyms. Suitable for ELL and intervention programs. 176 pages. $17.99 each TCU 3015 Book 1 TCU 3016 Book 2 TCU 3017 Book 3 Great for ELL & Intervention TCU 9816 Phonics Practice Set (3 books) $53.97 #3225 Reproducible Little Books 30 Teacher Created Resources, Inc. Word List #2: Library Box We Can Play We can go. We like to go and go. We can go and play. Can we go and play? # Reproducible Little Books for Sight Words Help students develop word recognition skills and fluency through the use of high-frequency words. Students who automatically recognize sight words can devote more attention to comprehension. 176 pages. Grades K-2. TCU 3225 $18.99 Reading with Sounds Each page includes a suggestion for extending the learning and reinforcing the skill. Ideal for any setting-classroom, small group tutoring, or at-home learning. 96 pages. Grades Pre K-1. TCU 8067 $9.99 All About Me Pennants Bulletin Board Give students a chance to share about themselves and their favorite things with these pennants that they can personalize. When you hang the filled-in pennants in your classroom you will have a unique decoration that your students will love. Each pennant measures 7" x 9". 36 total pieces. TCU 5578 $12.99 res All About Me Poster Pack n 17" x 22" n 32 sheets per pack Give students a chance to describe themselves and to tell others about themselves. The large 17" x 22" sheets provide plenty of space for words and pictures. TCU 5222 $12.99 1-2-3 Learn Develop a love of learning with these fun-filled activities that will build a solid foundation for future academic success. Each page in the series was designed as a guide for exploring and developing important skills and concepts including identifying colors, naming and tracing lines, letters, numbers, and shapes, recognizing letter sounds and exploring number concepts. In addition to the lessons, each page includes extension activities designed to enable a child to make connections between the skill or concept being explored and his or her world. 128 pages. $14.99 each ALL NEW All About Me! Journals Students will love using this journal to record their thoughts and ideas. Each page includes prompts for them to write, draw, or answer questions about themselves, their school, and their favorite things. When they have completed the journal they will have a wonderful keepsake that's all about them! 48 pages. $4.99 each TCU 8004 All About Super Me! (Grades K-1) NEW TCU 8005 All About Super Sensational Me! (Grades 2-3) NEW C-8 Most Frequently Used English Words ng is a rank-order listing of the 300 most frequently used words in the English language. the he at but there of was be not use and for this what an a on have all each to are from were which in as or we she is with one when do you his had your how that they by can their it I word said if will some two my find up her more than long other would write first down about make go water day out like see been did many him number call get then into no who come them time way oil made these has could its may so look people now part 0 over live name old too new me good boy any sound back sentence follow same take give man also tell only most think around came little very say where want work after great help show know thing much through form place our before line three year just mean right small TCU 8001 Ages 2-3 TCU 8002 Ages 3-4 TCU 8003 Ages 4-5 Followin 150 51-100 1 101-150 ALL NEW 17 Grades PreK-3 Early Childhood

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