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Using Google Docs

in the Classroom

Google Docs allow students to create, edit, share, and collaborate on documents with their peers-in the classroom or at home. Every activity is classroom-tested and can be done in a 45 minute computer lab session. 96 pages. $14.99 each TCZ 2930 Using Google Docs in the Classroom Grades 4-5 TCZ 2931 Using Google Docs in the Classroom Grades 6-8

Bonus for eBook buyers: Although the book is printed in black and white, you can print the e-book pages in either black and white or full color!

Teacher Created Resources 65 #2930 Using Google Docs


15. Now choose the Polyline tool again and trace the next time zone as shown in Figure 11-13. Figure 11-13 16. Next, change the fill of your third polygon to Transparent , the line color to red , and its line width to 12px . 17. Now, starting at the northwestern tip of Washington state, use the Polyline tool to trace down along the west coast and back up through the eastern borders of Nevada, Oregon, and Washington to form your fourth time zone (Figure 11-14). Figure 11-14

Time Zones


Activity 11


Cut & Paste: Science

Interactive activities and "cut and paste" worksheets help students develop literacy skills related to physical science, earth science, life science, and health. 96 pages. Grades 1-3. TCZ 3706 $12.99

My Body

Describes body parts and their functions. Includes patterns for a life-size replica. This book has been a classroom favorite for years! 40 pages. Grades 1-4. TCZ 0211 $7.99

Includes patterns for a life-size replica

I Have...Who Has...? Science Games

The entire class can have fun while reviewing science concepts. Hand out all of the cards. The student whose card reads, "I have the first card! Who has?" begins. The student whose card has the answer to that question responds and then asks a different question. This continues until the person with the last card gives the final answer and then reads, "This is the end of the game!" Each box provides 4 sets of cards for 4 different games: Physical Science, General Science, Life Science, and Earth & Space Science . $16.99 eac h TCZ 7856 Grades 2-3 TCZ 7857 Grades 3-4 TCZ 7858 Grades 4-5 TCZ 7859 Grades 5-6

4 games per box for the entire class

I Have... Who Has...? Games are also available in these titles: Academic Vocabulary (page 11) Early Learning (page 27) Language Arts (page 11) Math (page 29) Sight Words (page 27)

Science Through the Year

Inquiry-based and easy-to-follow activities help students develop positive attitudes toward science. The experiments are aligned with national standards and cover the areas of physical, earth, and life science as well as health. 208 pages. $19.99 each TCZ 8770 PreK-K TCZ 8771 Grades 1-2


Science Investigations

Through content area reading, hands-on experiences, and inquiry investigations, young scientists learn the essential concepts of science. The imaginative and effective lessons cover life, earth, and physical sciences. 144 pages. $18.99 each TCZ 8963 Grade 3 TCZ 8964 Grade 4 TCZ 8965 Grade 5 TCZ 8966 Grade 6 TCZ 9741 Science Investigations Set (4 books) $75.96



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