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Targeting Grammar

The first part of each book covers specific parts of speech such as nouns, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, and adverbs as well as the structure of sentences. The last part provides games for a bit of fun, task cards for extra practice, and word banks to save teachers some time. The overall goal is to help students learn enough about grammar to communicate easily and effectively, to evaluate the myriad of messages that surround them, and to function successfully in business and society. TCZ 2433 Grades 34 176 pages $18.99 TCZ 2435 Grades 45 224 pages $19.99 TCZ 2437 Grades 56 224 pages $19.99

Adjectives give shape, size, sound, color, and feeling to nouns. Adjectives and nouns work together to give clear pictures of people, places, and things. 1. We can place an adjective in front of the noun that we want to describe. Write an adjective in each space to describe the noun.

a. We had ____________________ soup for lunch. b. I gave the boy a ____________________ cookie to eat. c. The girl is brushing her ____________________ hair. d. The ____________________ soldier stumbled back to camp. e. I heard a ____________________ noise coming from the house.

2. We can place an adjective after the noun we want to describe. Circle the adjectives that describe the underlined nouns.

a. My mother is pretty. b. The horse was young and frisky. c. An elephant is strong. d. The man was old and gray. e. Helen is tall and thin.

3. The adjectives are underlined. Draw arrows to show which nouns they describe.

a. The tired man said the box was heavy. b. The boy was sorry he missed the exciting football game. c. The night was dark, and the road was long. d. My dog was happy to get a great, big bone to eat. e. The young girl spoke to the kind and friendly teacher. STUDENT PAGE 13

Adjectives are words we use to describe nouns. (Examples: a blue sky; a large river; tasty food; a noisy truck; a beautiful lady; rough roads)

Descriptive Adjectives

#2435 Targeting Grammar 38 Teacher Created Resources, Inc.


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d Resources, Inc.

Adj tog peo 1. W an

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2. We adj

a. M b. T c. A d. T e. H

3. The des

a. T b. T c. Th d. M e. Th

#2435 Targe


TCZ 9898 Interactive Learning: Daily Sentence Editing Set

(6 titles)

$149.94 TCZ 9628 Interactive Learning: Paragraph Editing Set

(6 titles)


Paragraph Editing

Includes 100 paragraphs per grade. 112 pages + CD. $24.99 each TCZ3610 Grade 1 TCZ 3611 Grade 2 TCZ3631 Grade 3 TCZ 3632 Grade 4 TCZ 3419 Grade 5 TCZ 3420 Grade 6

Daily Sentence Editing

Includes 180 sentences for Grades 1-2 and 270 sentences for Grades 3-6. 112 pages + CD. $24.99 each TCZ 3883 Grade 1 TCZ 3884 Grade 2 TCZ 3885 Grade 3 TCZ 3886 Grade 4 TCZ 3887 Grade 5 TCZ 3891 Grade 6 Editing Set

(6 titles)


Built-in editing marks Write with a finger or a pen.


For ALL Interactive Whiteboards & Computers

Keep students engaged while practicing skills in grammar, punctuation, word usage, and spelling. Each answer page includes a summary of the types of errors as well as the total number of errors. The activities are great for individual homework, small-group projects, or whole-class review. The interactive nature of the activities keeps students engaged in learning.

Preview Activities Online

Cut & Paste:

Language Arts

Interactive activities and "cut and paste" worksheets help students develop literacy skills related to phonics, parts of speech, grammar and usage, spelling, word play, and vocabulary. 96 pages. Grades 1-3. TCZ 3707 $12.99

Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 41 #3707 Cut & Paste Language Arts

Was or Were?

Directions: Cut out the word cards at the bottom of the page. Glue the word cards in the correct places to complete the sentences. 1. What that? 2. I at the movies. 3. They afraid of the tall giraffe. 4. Tim in the market. 5. Mary and Jim playing the piano. 6. Who in charge of the show? 7. Mandi and I in the car. 8. Mom and dad happy to see us. 9. She having a bad day. 10. The principal and teachers in charge.

Grammar and Usage-Verbs and Verb Tense

was was were were was were was was were were

Teacher Created Resources, Inc. 41

at the movies. 3. They afraid of the tall g gi i ira 4. Tim in the market. 5. Mary and Jim playing th he e p 6. Who in charge of the sho ow 7. Mandi and I in the car. 8. Mom and dad happy to s se ee 9. She having a bad day. 10. The principal and teachers i

was was were were was was

Pete the Cat

Language Arts Activities

Students will love these groovy activities aligned to standards! Kindergarten workbook includes practice with capital and lowercase letters, consonant and vowel sounds, plurals, multiple-meaning words, prepositions, story elements, and key details. Grade 1 workbook includes practice with consonant and vowel sounds, blends, plurals, key details and main idea, story elements, parts of speech and punctuation. 48 pages. $9.99 each TCZ 63513 Kindergarten TCZ 63515 Grade 1

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