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Math Word Problems For ALL Interactive Whiteboards & Computers Academically Sound n Help students "see" how to solve 110 grade-appropriate math problems. n Introduce concepts ranging from counting and telling time to algebra, geometry, probability, and logic. n Correlate activities to Common Core Standards. Practical Format n Glance through the book to see the entire scope of the product. n Reproduce book pages for homework. n Use the PC/Mac CD with any computer and with ALL brands of interactive whiteboards, including but not limited to SMART , Promethean, Mimio , Starboard, Hitachi. Versatility n Individuals can do the activities on paper or a computer. n Small groups can work with an interactive whiteboard or computer. n Whole classes can work together to review assignments on interactive whiteboards. 64 pages + CD. $24.99 each TCU 3845 Grade 1 TCU 3850 Grade 2 TCU 3854 Grade 3 TCU 9980 Math Word Problems Set (6 titles) $149.94 TCU 3855 Grade 4 TCU 3858 Grade 5 TCU 3873 Grade 6 From TCU 3873 Grade 6 F TCU3873 G d 6 Real-World Math Problem Solving Using Nonfiction & Fiction Texts Build problem-solving skills with this unique series that uses fiction and nonfiction text to present mathematical problems and situations. Students are required to read the passages then use critical thinking to complete each task. Each unit includes a sidebar with tips, tools, and strategies students can use in the problem-solving process. Extension activities are also provided to give them the opportunity to reflect on the passages and discuss their answers. Correlated to ELA & Math Common Core State Standards. 112 pages. $14.99 each TCU 8387 Grade 2 TCU 8388 Grade 3 TCU 8389 Grade 4 TCU 8390 Grade 5 TCU 8391 Grade 6 79 #8388 Real-World Math Problem Solving Measurement & Data NAME DATE Recycling by the Numbers THINK ABOUT THE MAT TH !B!qjduvsf!hsbqi!vtft! qjduvsft!ps!tzncpmt!up p! tipx jogpsnbujpo bcp pvu hspvqt!pg!pckfdut/ ! B!cbs!hsbqi!jt!b!dibsu uibu!vtft!sfdubohvmbs c u cbst!up!dpnqbsf jogpsnbujpo/ !Uif!lfz!po!b!qjduvsf! hsbqi!ufmmt ipx!nboz z! pckfdut!fbdi!tzncpm tuboet!gps/ !!Uif!tdbmf!po!b!cbs! hsbqi!tipxt ipx nboz!pg!fbdi!pckfdu! bsf!jo!fbdi!dbufhpsz/ !B!dbufhpsz!jt!b!hspv vq! pg!uijoht!uibu!ibwf pg uijoht uibu ibwf tpnfuijoh!jo!dpnnpo/ !Esbx!b!qjduvsf!hsbqi! up!tipx!ipx!nboz! pckfdut!bsf!jo!fbdi dbufhpsz/ Efdjef ! Efdjef ipx nboz !nboz! pckfdut!fbdi!tjohmf! qjduvsf!xjmm!sfqsftfou u/ qjdu sf xjmm sfqsftfou u !Jodmvef!b!lfz!po!b! qjduvsf!hsbqi!up!tipx x! xibu!uif!tzncpmt!po uif!hsbqi!nfbo/ ! Ovncfs!uif!tdbmf!po! b!cbs!hsbqi!up!tipx! ipx nboz pckfdut fbd di dbufhpsz!njhiu!ibwf/ We read and hear a lot about recycling. We know it's good for the environment. Programs in our cities and towns make it easier to recycle now than in years past. It is possible to recycle paper, glass, and many plastics. Homes have marked bins to help people remember to recycle these things. In some places, l d t rack of how much people recycle. They ow to recycle. They list the amounts of eople recycle. cycled paper. They use recycled materials ny systems can remove staples. People clips off paper, though, and use them s recycled than paper. any times and still hold its strength. Most consists of food and drink containers. ent types. On the bottom of many plastic nside a triangle. This is a symbol that the item. A few places have people sort st plastics are sorted at a facility. d do not go to the landfill. This helps TCU 9600 Real-World Math Problem Solving Set (5 titles) $74.95 Teacher Created Resources people do not have to sort what they recycle; it all goes in one bin. In other towns, people separate the glass, paper, and plastic. Some places recycle metal, too. Different groups keep tr try to help people learn ho different materials that pe Most paper mills use rec to make new paper. Man might want to take paper again. More cardboard is Glass can be reused m glass that people recycle Plastic comes in differe containers is a number in tells the type of plastic in plastics at home, but mos Things that are recycled our environment. Coordinate Graphing Add intrigue to math lessons that cover equations, fractions, percents, geometry, probability, and more! In each of the 56 activities, students solve problems to find specific points to plot on graph paper. As they come up with the correct answers, they create pictures ranging from a dragonfly to a gas pump! 80 pages. Grades 5-8. TCU 2115 $13.99 Real-World Math Guided practice and activity pages help students formulate complete answers to real-life problems involving logical reasoning, pre-algebra, decimals, percentages, basic geometry, graphs, and statistics. 112 pages. Grades 5-8. TCU 3267 $12.99 Cut & Paste: Math Interactive activities and "cut and paste" worksheets help students develop literacy skills related to numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, problem solving, money, time, measuring, shapes, tallies, and graphs. 96 pages. Grades 1-3. TCU 3708 $12.99 12 Math Grades 1-8

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