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Question: What does it mean to practice something? Answer: When we practice something, we repeat an action so we will get better at that skill. We practice something when we put it into action.


Sample Prompt: Practice writing a complete sentence about a color. Sample Answer: Red is a primary color. Sample Prompt: Practice answering this prompt: What colors make you happy? Sample Answer: Yellow makes me happy because it reminds me of the sun, and I like sunshine.



Prompt: Practice answering this prompt: What is your favorite color, and why do you like it?


Prompt: Practice writing two or three sentences about the colors you see in the classroom.


Task: Practice making a pattern by coloring the circles different colors.

cher Created Resources

do you like it? he classroom.

Teacher Created Resources 25 #8132 Know the Lingo!





Look back at what the word develop means.


Sometimes clouds build when a storm develops. What is one thing you can say about watching storm clouds? Write your idea in box #1 of the chart below.


Share your idea with a classmate. Write your partner's idea in box #2 of the chart.


Think about what your classmate shared. Write a new idea in box #3 of the chart to develop your thoughts about storms.


Share your idea with a different classmate. Listen to your classmate's idea and write it in box #4 of the chart. My Ideas A Classmate's Ideas

1 2 3 4


M We develop a subject by adding more information about it. M We can develop our ideas about a topic by adding more details to make our writing clear and easy to read. M When we develop our ideas, we make them stronger and more effective. M We can use facts and information to develop what we want to say.


When we look back at what this word means, we see that it means to add more information about a subject.


Discuss with a different classmate how you can develop the topic of predicting the weather.


Develop your ideas about this topic. Write one or two sentences about what you already know about tools people use and other ways people predict the weather. Use a separate piece of paper.


Share your sentences with your partner. Give him or her one suggestion about how to develop his or her writing to make it stronger.

Academic Vocabulary

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I Have...Who Has...?

The entire class can have fun while practicing language arts and vocabulary skills. Hand out all of the cards. The student whose card reads, "I have the first card. Who has?" begins. The student whose card has the answer to that question responds and then asks a different question. This continues until the person with the last card gives the final answer and then reads, "This is the end of the game!" Each box provides 4 sets of cards for 4 different games. $16.99 each I Have... Who Has...? Games are also available in these titles: Early Learning (page 27) Math (page 29) Science (page 16) Sight Words (page 27) TCZ 6896 Know the Lingo! Set (5 books) $74.95

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